Secret Team Build

Pays 20 different ways
WE help with 4
PLs show Bill Parliament
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Is my personal information protected with your company?


Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!



What is the fee to join TAF Team Build?


There is only 1 entry point into the program and the fee is .0065 BTC.



Can I purchase more than 1 position in the team build?


Yes. Multiple positions are allowed under one username and email.



Do I have to sponsor people into the program in order to earn?


No. You do not. However, the success of our team build is based on new members coming into the program.



How do I get the BTC I earn in TAF Team Build?


BTC payments will be automatic once you cycle a paying matrix. There will be no need to request a withdrawal.



Is TAF Team Build personally forced or company forced?


TAF Team Build is a company forced program.



What do I receive when I purchase a position in TAF Team Build?


You will receive ad credits to advertise banners and solo ads on our website.

You can find your credits in your back office under Banner Advertisement or Text Advertisement.